Hope Is Defiant is not for the superstars who think they have “life all figured out. ”


It is not for the intellectuals, who believe that they can tell you how to live, without ever truly taken the risk and lived their own.

It is not for those who have the audacity to tell another to “get over it, ” when they have no idea what “it” really is.

It is not for those who would tell you that you should “never live with pain or fear, ” and yet they are too stubborn and afraid to face their own inner demons.

It is not for the complacent, who look upon their own honor’s, trophies and diplomas and feel that because of all these things, they have arrived.


Are you still reading? Good… 


This page is for those you have carried their own baggage around for far too long, and are looking for a place to set it down and rest.

It is for the weak in the knees, who know they don’t have it together but are too proud to accept the gift of amazing grace.

It is for the inconsistent, faltering and double-minded, who have been burdened with the stigma of shame for far too long.

It is for the broken, bruised and battered, who believe that their lives have been a grave disappointment to everyone, especially God.

It is for those who continue to hold up their own mask, terrified that others may see you as you truly are.

Finally, it’s for those who are willing to take that first stumbling step into a realm, where freedom exists and look into the face of God.


This page was written for myself, “a beggar in spirit”, who somewhere along the path has found some bread and would like to share it with anyone who has grown tired and discouraged along the way.

a new day

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